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1.1 Contents not allowed by these General Conditions of Use are not suitable for any area of the forum.

This content does not include what is appropriate:

makes use of articles and/or comments published as advertising platforms.
is referred to political parties of any camp and era, any type of terrorist organization, dictators, historical places of political interest, past and present politicians, etc. ...
is related to sexual and/or pornographic areas of any kind.
offends any religious faith of a community character.
is racist or discriminatory in relation to other conditions affecting the person such as sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disabilities.
1.2 In the same way, terms and expressions included in the above contents will not be accepted even if, in an attempt to circumvent the rule, they are partially or totally covered by asterisks, misprints or can be inferred in some way from the text.

Content of posts

2.1 The official language of the portal is Italian.

The official of the forum is Italian.

Messages written in approximate language or not easily understood (the so-called 'sms style') will not be tolerated.

Conventionally writing entire sentences in capitals is tantamount to screaming what you write. This is counterproductive for the maintenance of calm tones and is not permitted.


3.1 Each user is not required to create an Account to participate in discussions. In comments and sections where personal data is required, we take into account the rules of common sense and the use of personal data and contact truthful. Otherwise, by the Administration is immediate Ban and removal of the content. Authors are required to use an account for the publication of articles

3.2 The use of any inappropriate content name or content similar or equal to InvisionFriends' staff members is prohibited.

This rule also applies to the images used as Avatars and the content of the different fields in the User Profile.

3.3 The change of one's nickname is not allowed, except in appropriate cases, motivated and allowed by the administrators.

3.4 The staff reserves the right to edit and/or disable temporarily or permanently avatars, also reserves the right to assign penalties based on the severity of the infringement and the number of penalties previously received by the user.


4.1 The use of the forum is not a right but a concession provided in exchange for cooperation and respect towards users, staff and any third parties.

4.2 The Regulation applies to all sections of the Forum. Any exception to the rules laid down herein may be made only if explicitly provided for by the section regulations and only in the terms described herein.

Staff reserves the right to punish conduct considered incorrect and harmful to the Community even if not explicitly listed in this Regulation.

4.3 Each user can contribute to the order of the forum by bringing to the attention of the staff those articles that do not comply with the rules. This can be done simply by using the Message Report form provided in each thread. Alternatively, you can use the Contact Us form by inserting a direct link to the message in question.

4.4 Closely replying to two or more users commenting to clarify what they are expressing is not tolerated. Contractors and issues that do not involve a significant number of users should be carried out on more appropriate channels, such as PM or IRC chat.

Contents of links

It is forbidden to insert links to inappropriate content, and even more so to illegal material, and it is also forbidden to insert links that could deceive the user in any way. Such restrictions do not include sites such as YouTube, image hosting or disclosure sites, provided that their content does not violate other rules. The use of services to reduce the length of links, such as tinyurl, is also allowed.

Warning System

6.1 In the event of a user breaching the Rules, a warning and a ban may be imposed.

If the user has released any contact information, a warning message is sent.

The warning is nothing more than an e-mail notification of a violation of the Rules and serves as a reminder. It cannot lapse with time, but it does not involve any impediment if others are not added.

In case of serious or voluntary violations, the ban or the definitive block of the Account may be applied directly. Please note that the ban can also occur without warning if the user does not have adequate contact information to send the warning.

6.2 In the event that an author violates the Regulations, sanctions such as a warning, suspension or ban may be imposed.

The warning is nothing more than the notification on your profile of a breach of the Rules of Procedure and serves as a reminder. It cannot lapse with time, but it does not involve any impediment if others are not added.

Every four warning points the account is suspended, i.e. the account is temporarily blocked. Each time an Account is suspended, the time increases (7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 28 days, 35 days).

In case of serious or voluntary violations, the ban or the definitive block of the Account may be applied directly. In addition, the ban will also survive if a total of 24 warning points are reached.

Infringements and penalties

In order not to incur sanctions, it is necessary to scrupulously follow every point of these Regulations as well as the Section Regulations, where applicable.

For an author, a minor infringement or behaviour within the limits of the allowed is normally followed by a warning message. The purpose of these messages is structured in such a way as to avoid such attitudes.

By accessing the portal https://invisionfriends.it, the user is responsible for his own use of the site, the Content posted and any consequence arising from such actions. Content submitted to, or made visible by, the Site is visible to other users through the Site or other third party websites. The user may use the Services exclusively in accordance with Law 633/1941 (Copyright) and subsequent amendments (Legislative Decree 21 February 2014, n. 22 and Legislative Decree 10 November 2014, n. 163), and Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Protection of personal data - Privacy). Any abuse of the portal by any type of user will be treated according to the jurisdiction currently in force.

Confidential Information

It is not possible to publish private data (name, surname, telephone, messaging contact, e-mail addresses, etc.), private conversations of any nature without the express consent of the parties concerned. The owner of such data has the right to request its removal, explaining the reasons for the request, and providing the portal administrators with a link to any message to be edited.


For any problem, except for the requests listed below, you should contact the forum staff in a hierarchical order.

This should be done exclusively using the appropriate Contact Us form at the bottom of each page.

Contact us via the contact form is also valid for disputes regarding the measures taken.

10. Cookies

A "cookie" (a data file that a website can send to the address of the person who is browsing) can be used in order to track the paths of the user on the Site. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can set your browser to warn you of the presence of a cookie and then decide whether to accept it or not. You can also automatically reject all cookies by activating the cookie option in your browser. If you do not accept or allow cookies, your entire system may not function properly.

Thank you for your attention, The Staff

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